Michael Yuen

michael yuen


👋🏻 I'm Michael but some people call me my. I love to create order.

I am a 🤖 robot, 👽 alien, 👨🏻‍🌾 human bean, and I live in 📍 NYC.

I'm also a software engineer and I love building GUIs. Currently, I work at MLB on mlb.com. I recently had the amazing opportunity to lead the frontend development effort of the Cheer at the Ballpark project (💀 rip). Previously, I worked at Resy on resy.com.

Another hobby I would like take up is writing, so naturally there must be a blog! That's a big part of the motivation behind rebuilding this website, aside from it already being long overdue. To enable myself to efficiently learn in public and share what I enjoy.